Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fatty-Fat Old Toad

Just a fat, old, decrepit Toad-Man. what more could you expect? I mean really, isn't it everything you thought it would be?

Fur Underpants

Something about a headless samurai warrior really grabs me. Anyone? Well, anyway, anybody who has ever watched He-Man will see my ode to the men's fur-kinis that run rampant across Eternia. I have the power!

Random Drawings at Work

As you can see I am quite productive at work. I once won an award for being so productive that it blew the CEO's head off, literally, or figuratively (which ever you find better). The colored goblin at the top is Zitflick, a character I have developed for the Chank comic. Oh, and a somewhat off-looking Lion-O also makes an appearance on this piece of sketch paper.

Chank, Zitflick, & the SwampHag

Normally I don't like showing people works in progress, well okay that is a lie, I just wanted to type something like that in this post. This is a sketch I am working on just to get the tone and design of the Chank comic more defined. I don't know what happened to Chank in this one but he doesn't look right at all.

Purple & Yellow... Really?

This drawing has no real significance. Wow, that is boring... what I meant to say is that this character came to me in a dream one night about peace and harmony on earth and told me to do a drawing of him. That sounds better than saying I was doodling at work.