Monday, July 22, 2013

Percival Pundragon Cover WIP... and page 5!

Here's the finished line drawing for the cover of The Legend of Percival Pundragon, chapter 1.

This was really fun to show a few of the different characters and creatures in one illustration. I also wanted to hint a little more at the video-game influence of the comic book (He's pulling a "Link" with that wooden sword for those not familiar with Zelda)

Right now the first 5 pages are up for reading.... for free!
on Facebook: HERE
or on Comic Fury: HERE

Friday, July 19, 2013

I Spy Katamari - Win A Free Print!

Hey everybody I have a store now! And you can buy this print (along with others) and get it shipped to your door!

or... you can try and win a FREE PRINT of this piece... which I call "I Spy Katamari"

Just go on over to my Tumblr page for more details! Be fast 'cause you have to be the first one to get it.

yeah... it's weird... but if you've ever played Katamary Damacy it all makes sense.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Percival Pundragon is now on Facebook!

Percival Pundragon is now on Facebook!

Percival Pundragon is the story of a boy already living in a fantastical world, who is thrown into an even more fantastical and strange world. The story is full of references to old video games, roleplaying games, movies, music, geek-culture, and anything that tickled my fancy at the time of writing. Let's be honest though... it is really just an excuse for me to be a goober and draw weird creatures, characters, and situations.

I'll be uploading a page a week from Chapter 1 of the book. Speaking of which...

Page 4 is now online for reading! you can read it on the comic site (<<< by clicking on that there link) on on the Facebook page (<<< click on that link) in the "Chapter 1" photo album.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Percival Pundragon Page 3 is live!

Page 3 of the legend of Percival Pundragon is now online!

Go check it out and bask in the nerd/geek glory.

I've also added a page of Characters and Creatures that will be updated as the comic progresses.

I'm really enjoying bringing these characters and this story to life... hopefully you will enjoy it as it unfolds as well.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Percival Pundragon page 2 is up!

Page 2 of The Legend of Percival Pundragon is now online!

I had fun with this one... hopefully you will too.

plenty of geek humor coming your way.

Check it out!