Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sneaky Ogre


I didn't like the new look of the blog the past couple weeks so I reverted back to the good old days... mmmmmmmmm... welcome home.

A few weeks ago, in class we were given the assignment to create an illustration including an Ogre, and a whole huge list of other things. It was a great exercise but in class we stopped short of doing a final piece. Anyway, I liked the composition enough that I feel inspired to take it to a final piece, and share the process with you.

Anyway,  Here are the thumbnails I worked up.

After narrowing down to the Thumbnail I felt was working the best I reworked it paying a little closer attention to positioning.

Then came the comp in which I payed attention to detail and placement even more.

this is as far as we got in class... which left me all gung ho to do more! So, I've brought the comp into Photoshop and have begun messing around with it. 

Next time I'll post my progress on the piece.

yeah... art stuff.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 thousand years later...

Sorry for the delay everybody... I took last week off to get some extra work done. So, now back to the regular updates.

Today I have for you my second Lino-cut print.

I call it "Padre"

Just like last time I have a few of these prints available for purchase if anybody is interested.

Okay, now to end with a question. Since I have you here... Do you like the new look and layout of the Blog? Or, did you like the classic format of yesteryear better?

Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trunk Talk

Today, I present to you my first foray into the magical world of printmaking. It was definitely a very fun and new process. This particular print was done by carving a negative image into Linoleum. Like This
I've done another one that I'll post later. Both of which I've entered into a student art show at the Woodbury Art Museum. I'll let you all know if they get excepted.

Also I have a few prints of this piece for sale. If you're interested just shoot me a message.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bhudda For Sale

Here is a painting I did last year. It was done in Oil on four canvas board panels. One that I really enjoyed doing and seeing completed. Its rather large. I want to say it is about 4ft by 6ft but I might be off. I'll measure it and update the post later. Anyway, I've decided to put it up for sale.

So, if you are interested in the piece just leave a comment with a way to contact you and I will send you the pricing info.