Monday, March 9, 2009

Character Designs, Schmaracter Designs,

Well, It's about time I post something new.

Here are a few pages of concept designs I did for a game that a friend of mine is working on. Paintbrush Knights, Pencil Mountain Dwarfs, and Eraser Club Ogres.

The game company later decided to go for a simpler overall design and look for the game so I'll post some concepts I've done in the simpler style as well. But, this must wait.


Scott said...

SICK! medieval art battles number 1!

Cam Kendell said...

Haha, Thanks Scott.

Ryan said...

Undeniably cool.

Cam Kendell said...

And I thank you good sir.

Sigur said...


I love your art and would like to use a particular piece (knight with paintbrushes design) for my miniature painting service.

Please contact me at:

Thank you very much.