Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Header!!!

I know, it's so exciting I can hardly contain myself either...
but, try to get a hold of your horses anyway so you can have the piece of mind required to truly bask in the newness of the post-title-mentioned header.

mmmmmmmmmmmm... delicious

And for a nostalgic moment... and for posterity... here is the old header banner.


RAWLS said...

Dude, nice pirate! I also enjoyed the Chief and the Robot! Perhaps a Chief Robot Pirate is called for!!?!

Cam Kendell said...

woah, a Chief Robot Pirate might blow my mind. As soon as I can wrap my head around that one I will attempt such a task. I would love to see your rendition of said thingy, so we could compare notes. haha.

thanks for the comment.

Aaron said...

ha ha cams braaains!! love it! sweet stuff here, your humor comes through in your Illustrations. I love it!

Great stuff man!