Friday, April 26, 2013

Bigfoot, a Unicorn, a Gnome... and Music. Indie Mommies!

Well, here it is. This is a banner I did for the Indie Mommies Facebook page.

3 friends (Walter, Wayne, and Ryan) and I have started a side band project. Basically, we send music files around by email and each add to them until some sort of song is born from it.

So, go check out the tunes... more will be coming!

I pictured Bigfoot being a little Emo... nobody understands him. I had so much fun doing the gnome in the tentacle piece I couldn't resist drawing another one. And the unicorn? Well, it's mythical....... or is it?

And that is that.

but this is this.... don't get them confused.


Potluck Games said...

I like that you can't tell how the unicorn plays the drums. But he is clearly about to.

Cam Kendell said...

exactly... does he have drum sticks taped to his hooves? Is he going to play with his horn? Or... is he going to blast it with some rainbow power?